Porcupine Real Estate

Posted by Mark Warden on 5/15/2017

Russell & Heather were anxious to escape New York because of the crushing taxes, and were excited to move to New Hampshire to be a part of the Free State Project. Russell's job is location-independent, but he needed to be close to either the Manchester or Boston airport.†

The couple chose to settle in Weare because they loved its rural nature. "We don't have a problem with the neighbors over our dogs barking, and we're only 30 miles from Manchester or Concord." Both Russell and Heather†have enjoyed the scenery on the back country roads and like that there is only one hill to bicycle over between home and Country 3 Corners store. Even cooler is the possibility that the pond on their new property is an old mill pond.

So far, one of the best parts of the move is that they cut their property taxes in half. Other things they love about living here include how welcoming people have been, and the culture of freedom. As Russell explains, "People are very helpful, but they assume you know what you're doing, and that you will ask for help if you need it." Heather is settling in, too. She's already connected with†with two knitting groups and may join a third.†

Welcome home, Russell & Heather!

Posted by Mark Warden on 1/15/2016

†Jonathan & Shelly moved to New Hampshire from North Dakota, and just closed on their house in Weare in June. Their reasons for moving here were twofold: they wanted to be a part of the Free State Project to meet other like-minded individuals, and look for better employment opportunities. Following are their views on their new life in Weare:†

Why did you move to Weare?†

Having grown up in the country, I prefer the woods and rural life. Weare had a good balance between home prices, rural population, lower tax rates, commute to relevant job markets, a small town vibe, and it already had a small population of porcupines.†

What are your favorite things about Weare?

It's beautiful! Just drive down some of the back roads like Mt Dearborn or Thorndike. It's gorgeous country. Our neighbors and the people we've met so far have all been very friendly. It's also seems very firearm friendly as we hear people target practicing several times a week. Real criminals should beware: people are packing in these parts! The farmer's market is pretty great too, for such a small town. It is encouraging to see small entrepreneurs set up tables and sell their wares.†

What's your favorite thing about your new house?†

Shelly: The deck, the funky garage and that we have a yard of our own. I also really like the kitchen window, the flowers and the stream. This house is very unique and has a lot of 'interesting' qualities.†

Jonathan: It is definitely the stream and my little garden. It almost seems like a little vacation home, but we get to live there every day. Even though I drive an hour, pulling up into the driveway always makes me smile.