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Posted by Mark Warden on 1/23/2018

BJ & Joslyn first learned about the Free State Project during the 2012 Ron Paul campaign. Joslyn's attention was captured and she began researching all the aspects of New Hampshire, the FSP, and other intentional libertarian communities. BJ was skeptical at first, mostly because of Joslyn’s extreme dislike for cold weather. Fast forward three years: Joslyn graduated from veterinary school and the couple started looking more into the logistics of moving to New Hampshire. In November 2014, they signed the FSP pledge, and by April 2015, they were Free Staters.

They fell in love with New Hampshire and the Freecoast community. As BJ states, "Granite Staters are friendly, helpful, and understanding to begin with, and the addition of FSP movers that all share the same core values with us makes the sense of community and wealth of friendships seem almost effortless. We truly feel that we have found our tribe."

With Joslyn's veterinarian position in Manchester and BJ's job as a basketball coach located in the Freecoast, the couple wanted to be halfway between their respective jobs and not live in a city. They had a long list of criteria for their dream home, but the most important factors were that the home had to have a barn and enough land for Joslyn's horse hobby. The perfect home was found in Nottingham. "We moved in two days before Christmas with the help of many FSP friends, and are extremely happy in our new home - doing DIY projects and making it our own. After a lifetime of renting, home ownership has proved to be even more rewarding than we imagined!"

BJ & Joslyn love the small town feel of Nottingham, the rural community style, and the convenience to shopping highways. BJ has already made connections with the town rec department and will be using their facility for basketball player training sessions. Joslyn recently began horseback riding lessons at American Dream Stables in Nottingham, and BJ has been exploring cross-country ski trails at every opportunity. 

Welcome home, BJ & Joslyn!

Posted by Mark Warden on 9/13/2016

Jeff & Emily Silva first heard about Porcupine Real Estate on the Northeast Shooters forums. As residents of Massachusetts, they knew they wanted to move to New Hampshire for the lifestyle, beauty and affordability of the state. 

With Jeff's job as a sign maker at Seaport Signworks in Newburyport, and family still in Massachusetts, the couple decided to look for homes in Rockingham county. They ultimately found a home in Nottingham, and they love the small-town vibe of this town with a population of 5,000. Jeff & Emily are enjoying the relaxed, stress-free pace and don't miss the traffic or noise of their previous home: "We've just about settled in here and I have to say, we love it!  The peace, the quiet, the friendly people.  It's just fantastic.  Making our home in NH was a great decision and one that we'll enjoy for a long time."

Welcome home, Jeff & Emily!

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Posted by Mark Warden on 7/8/2016

Native Mainers Brent & Christina Tweed knew that they wanted to move to New Hampshire for its lax gun laws, robust job market, and lack of income & sales tax.

Brent, a nuclear engineer, and Christina, a medical laboratory scientist, are high school sweethearts, have been married for 12 years, and have two daughters. The Tweeds decided to move to Nottingham because of its seacoast location, relatively affordable housing, and relatively low property taxes. In addition, the girls will eventually attend the highly rated semi-private Coe-Brown Academy, where all Nottingham high school students attend. 

Brent has been extremely active in the Maine political scene, 
having volunteered countless hours on Ron Paul's 2008 campaign (including spending time in in the Concord, NH campaign office making phone calls), becoming a delegate to the 2008  & 2012 Maine Republican Party state convention.  In addition, Brent was elected to the York County Republican Committee where he served from 2008 to 2014.  After the 2008 campaign, he joined Campaign for Liberty and served as the Region 1 coordinator in Maine.  From 2010 to 2012 he served on the Maine Republican Party State Committee.  He was the North Berwick Republican Committee chair from about 2010 to 2014.

In early 2011 when Ron Paul announced he would again be running for president, Brent formed a grassroots organization in Maine called Maine for Ron Paul 2012. Eventually, Brent was appointed as the Maine grassroots state coordinator.  

Brent was chairman of the 2012 Maine state convention, and was one of twenty Ron Paul supporters elected at the state convention to be a delegate to the 2012 Republican National Convention, where a vote was cast on his behalf for Ron Paul.

Brent has worked hard in conjunction with several state senators to  introduce bills from 2010-2015, including Obamacare nullification, constitutional carry, and a food sovereignty bill.

Welcome to New Hampshire, Brent & Christina!

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