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Posted on 07/27/2020
Why People Pick New Hampshire
We all know that New Hampshire is the Free State. But, when faced with moving to a new state, why, exactly, do people pick New Hampshire? Here are some reasons from movers to the Free State: great community and economy New Hampshire's aesthetics and the state's laws everyone is very friendly no income tax or sales tax income-earning...
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Posted on 07/20/2020
How to Evaluate Multiple Offers for Your Home
We are in the midst of a hot sellers' market and many sellers are finding themselves with multiple offers. So, how can you decide which offer is best? Our agents at Porcupine Real Estate use their expertise and years of knowledge to help you determine which offer to consider. Some of the criteria we encourage you to consider...
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Posted on 06/29/2020
Multiple Offers: Should You Worry?
Months of searching, attending open houses, and viewing available homes finally paid off. You’ve found the perfect property in a nice neighborhood for a fair price. You’re ready to make an offer. Then it happens: you get the dreaded call from your agent telling you there are multiple offers on the property. Now what? Reasons for Multiple Offers...
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Posted on 06/11/2020
All You Ever Wanted to Know about Appraisals - Buyer Edition
While you might have a long list of things you appreciate about your new home, your lender may not agree. They don't care if it has a pizza oven, or jacuzzi tub, or patio that is perfect for outdoor gatherings. They do care if the home you are buying is worth what you're paying. If there is ever...
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Posted on 06/10/2020
All You Ever Wanted to Know about Appraisals - Seller Edition
If the buyer of your home is financing the purchase, chances are good that their lender will require an appraisal. Understanding how appraisals work will prepare you for the process and help you achieve a quick sale. An appraisal is an opinion of the value of your home based on what comparable homes in your city/town have sold for...
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Posted on 05/15/2020
Should You Sell Your Home without an Agent?
If you're thinking of selling your home, you may have considered trying to sell it without a real estate agent. Why should you pay an agent for work when you can do it yourself? Well, while you might be able sell your home on your own, you may lose out on some potential profit by not fully understanding...
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Posted on 05/14/2020
A Seller’s Guide to Navigating the Home Inspection
Selling a home can be quite a process. First come the negotiations. Then comes the inspection. Then comes the financing commitment. Sandwiched in the middle, the inspection is usually a contingency to the offer, meaning the buyer can back out of the contract based on problems discovered. The Process The purpose of the inspection is for the inspector...
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Posted on 05/13/2020
Coronavirus Mortgage Relief: The Facts
Mortgage lenders, and the federal agencies that regulate lenders, are putting coronavirus mortgage relief measures in place to ensure homeowners have options if they’re unable to make payments. What do you do if you need to take advantage of these relief measures? Well, your first stop should be your lender or bank. It's important to keep in mind...
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Posted on 05/07/2020
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Pre-Approval Process
You might have heard the words "pre-approval" before, especially if you've just started your home search. What, exactly, is a pre-approval, and why do you need it? Below, we will answer some common questions about being pre-approved. What is a pre-approval? Getting pre-approved means that a lender lets you know the maximum price you can spend on a...
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Posted on 05/05/2020
Everything You Need to Get Pre-Approved: A Checklist
If you're thinking about buying a home, it's imperative that you get pre-approved for a mortgage before you start your search. While getting pre-approved can be tedious, it is a critical step that allows you to be ready to jump on making an offer as soon as you find the home of your dreams. It also serves to...
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Posted on 04/28/2020
Real Estate During a Pandemic: How Long Will It Take to Buy and Sell a Home Amidst Coronavirus
Buying and selling a home can be a challenge during non-pandemic times: will it pass inspection, can the buyer secure financing, will the home appraise at value? All of these elements can lead to stress and uncertainty. Buying and selling during a pandemic, however, is an entirely different story. COVID-19 has thrown real estate transactions for a loop....
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Posted on 04/21/2020
Investing 101: What to consider when buying an investment property
Investing in real estate is not just for wealthy individuals. In fact, starting a real estate investment portfolio is often the best way to build your own source of passive income and long-term wealth. And the best part? You don’t have to be independently wealthy to do it. Not sure where to start? We’ve compiled a list of...
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