Welcome to the Freecoast!

The Seacoast (aka Freecoast) region of New Hampshire offers a charming blend of coastal beauty, historic significance, and a vibrant community atmosphere. Stretching along the east side of the state, this area is renowned for its picturesque beaches, quaint towns, and rich maritime heritage. One of the most iconic features is its coastline, which spans about 18 miles and includes popular spots like Hampton Beach, Rye Beach, and Portsmouth Harbor.

For those considering a move to the Seacoast, quality of life is a major draw. The region boasts a strong sense of community, with tight-knit neighborhoods and a welcoming atmosphere for newcomers. Historic towns like Portsmouth showcase charming colonial architecture, cobblestone streets, and a thriving arts scene, including galleries, theaters, and music venues. The area also has exceptional education options, with highly-rated public and private schools and proximity to renowned universities like the University of New Hampshire.

Beyond its natural and cultural attractions, the Seacoast region is conveniently located within easy reach of larger metropolitan areas. Boston is just an hour's drive away, offering access to additional career opportunities, entertainment options, and international travel through Logan International Airport. 

Whether you're drawn to its sandy beaches, historic landmarks, or charming small towns, this area provides a unique quality of life that appeals to residents seeking both tranquility and opportunity on the New England coast.


Epping, New Hampshire

Epping, fondly known as "The Center of the Universe," boasts a convenient location that makes it a prime spot for both residents and visitors. Just an hour from Boston, 30 minutes from Manchester, and 25 minutes from the beach.

This seacoast town provides easy access to a variety of attractions, from the state-of-the-art Sig Sauer Academy, which offers firing ranges and classes and hosts Freedom Days in the fall, to the thrilling speedways.

Epping is a hub of activity and convenience. One of the major shopping districts is the Brickyard, featuring O'Neil's Cinema.

Epping's culinary scene is vibrant and diverse, catering to all tastes. The Holy Grail, a converted church turned brewpub, offers British-inspired dishes, while the Rail Penny Tavern specializes in new American cuisine. For seafood lovers, The Beach Bum is a must-visit, and Telly's provides delicious wood-fired pizzas. Sushi enthusiasts will appreciate Kume's Japanese offerings, and Popovers delivers a delightful new American dining experience. This array of dining options, coupled with the town's favorable tax rates, makes Epping an attractive place to live and visit.