Buy with Crypto

Many people in New Hampshire are early adopters of cryptocurrency. The state boasts dozens of businesses that accept payment in crypto, and the legislature passed a bill in 2017 to specifically exempt money transmitters using virtual currency from being licensed and regulated by the banking commission.

Porcupine Real Estate has promoted several listings for sale in Bitcoin over the years. Our agents have managed numerous transactions where Bitcoin was used for the purchase of a home. In three of those sales, the seller accepted the cryptocurrency directly from the buyer.

We engaged a local settlement company, Sweeney Title Services, to set up a Bitcoin wallet to accept the earnest money deposit. The closings all went very smoothly.

We have also worked with investors interested in converting their crypto holdings into income-producing assets. A low-maintenance rental property is an ideal candidate for a rebalancing of assets for holders of large amounts of bitcoin looking to provide long-term passive income.

Contact us to discuss this opportunity in more depth. Or check out our webinar on “Crypto 101”.