Porcupine R.E. Cares

The founder and agents of Team Porcupine have contributed time, talent and treasure to the liberty community in NH for over a decade.

A portion of commissions earned through professional services goes to causes we believe in. Porcupine Real Estate and its agents have donated tens of thousands of dollars to causes, campaigns, community centers, and organizations we believe in. Some of our favorites:

  • Children’s Scholarship Fund Educational Tax Credit Program
  • Free State Project
  • New Hampshire Liberty Alliance
  • Get Involved PAC
  • The Praxeum
  • Free Talk Live
  • Liberty Candidates for Political Office
  • Fundraisers of all kinds, such as the iBot
  • The Quill

Broker Mark Warden has served four terms in the New Hampshire legislature, sponsoring many bills to reduce the role of government. He also served on the boards of NH Liberty Alliance and Get Involved PAC.

Constance Spencer, our amazing Associate Broker, has run registration for FSP events (both PorcFest and NH Liberty Forum) and served on the board of Latitude Learning, all while working with investors, managing her own rental properties, raising four children, and providing outstanding service to Porcupine Real Estate clients.

All Team Porcupine agents are FSP movers and support candidates and causes they believe in. Some have run for office, others have expanded community engagement with groups like Porc Family Connections, PORC (Porcupine Outdoor Recreation Club), FSP Welcome Wagon, and more.