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All You Ever Wanted to Know about Appraisals – Seller Edition

If the buyer of your home is financing the purchase, chances are good that their lender will require an appraisal. Understanding how appraisals work will prepare you for the process and help you achieve a quick sale. An appraisal is an opinion of the value of your home based on what comparable homes in your city/town have sold for recently.…

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All You Ever Wanted to Know about Appraisals – Buyer Edition

While you might have a long list of things you appreciate about your new home, your lender may not agree. They don’t care if it has a pizza oven, jacuzzi tub, or patio that is perfect for outdoor gatherings. They do care if the home you are buying is worth what you’re paying. If there is ever a point where…

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How to Avoid a Low Home Appraisal

A house needs to be sold three times when it is on the market. First, it needs to be sold to other agents so they will want to show and sell the home. Second it needs to be sold to buyers and lastly to the appraiser. Even if the buyer is willing to pay a certain price for a home…

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