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Client Profile – Brent & Christina – Nottingham

Native Mainers Brent & Christina knew that they wanted to move to New Hampshire for its lax gun laws, robust job market, and lack of income & sales tax. Brent, a nuclear engineer, and Christina, a medical laboratory scientist, are high school sweethearts, have been married for 12 years, and have two daughters. The family decided to move to Nottingham because…

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Client Profile – Jeff & Emily – Nottingham

Jeff & Emily Silva first heard about Porcupine Real Estate on the Northeast Shooters forums. As residents of Massachusetts, they knew they wanted to move to New Hampshire for the lifestyle, beauty, and affordability of the state. With Jeff’s job as a sign maker at Seaport Signworks in Newburyport, and family still in Massachusetts, the couple decided to look for homes…

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Client Profile: BJ & Joslyn – Nottingham

Client Profile – BJ & Joslyn – Nottingham BJ & Joslyn first learned about the Free State Project during the 2012 Ron Paul campaign. Joslyn’s attention was captured and she began researching all the aspects of New Hampshire, the FSP, and other intentional libertarian communities. BJ was skeptical at first, mostly because of Joslyn’s extreme dislike for cold weather. Fast forward…

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