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Client Profile – Jonathan & Shelly – Weare

Jonathan & Shelly moved to New Hampshire from North Dakota, and just closed on their house in Weare in June. Their reasons for moving here were twofold: they wanted to be a part of the Free State Project to meet other like-minded individuals, and look for better employment opportunities. Following are their views on their new life in Weare: Why…

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Client Profile – Sandy – Weare

When she escaped San Francisco 10 years ago, Team Porcupine Real Estate client & early mover Sandy Pierre had no idea she would become so involved in an organization that meant so much. “I did not fit in politically in the San Francisco Bay Area! I clearly remember attending my first Libertarian Party meeting there, and it was like a…

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Client Profile – Martha & Howard – Weare

Tired of restrictive homeowners’ associations, overpriced real estate, and lack of privacy, Howard & Martha Kaloogian knew that they were quickly reaching the end of their time in California. As Howard explains, “Taxes were high and going higher, crime was on the rise and 80,000 criminals were being released because of overcrowding, every commute was frenzied and the middle class was being…

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Client Profile: Russell and Heather – Weare

Russell & Heather were anxious to escape New York because of the crushing taxes and were excited to move to New Hampshire to be a part of the Free State Project. Russell’s job is location-independent, but he needed to be close to either the Manchester or Boston airport. The couple chose to settle in Weare because they loved its rural…

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