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Fun Activities in Nashua for Families


Nashua is one of the biggest cities in New Hampshire and has an abundance of things to do with kids. If you visit Nashua, here are some things to occupy your time:

  1. Fun-World is an amusement park that’s fun for all ages - they have a wide collection of events, from carousels to bowling to an arcade. There is also an indoor playground and over 250 arcade games. They were originally known as the Fun Castle years ago, and their exterior still resembles a castle, making it easy to spot.
  2. IncrediBREW isn’t just for the parents! While you and your spouse can make your own type of wine or beer, your kids can also make soda in this fun hands-on experience. They will love being able to choose from the types of soda available, and it will be an educational experience learning how soda is made, and what ingredients it uses as your child prepares their own drink.
  3. SkyVenture Indoor Skydiving is a great place for the whole family. Your children can participate in everything if they are at least 5 years old (but 3-year-olds can fly, too, as long as they fit in the gear!). On their location is a large wind tunnel, a surf pool, go on a rotating barrel water slide, and rock climb.
  4. Nashua Fish Hatchery is the perfect place for a tour or one of their summer fishing derbies. During their summer fishing derbies, they have had nearly a hundred kids signed up to participate, and there is plenty of fun and food for everyone.

Next time you’re in Nashua, check out something on the list and let us know what you’ve enjoyed.

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