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Client Profile – Brent & Christina – Nottingham

Native Mainers Brent & Christina knew that they wanted to move to New Hampshire for its lax gun laws, robust job market, and lack of income & sales tax. Brent, a nuclear engineer, and Christina, a medical laboratory scientist, are high school sweethearts, have been married for 12 years, and have two daughters. The family decided to move to Nottingham because…

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Client Profile – Forrest & Callie – Seacoast

New movers from Louisiana, Forrest & Callie moved to New Hampshire in search of a private, quieter & more rural area where they can enjoy hobbies like hiking & target shooting. The couple has dogs and wanted space for their pooches to run and play. Forrest, an optimization, data mining, and software development consultant, and Callie, a former high school…

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Client Profile – Becky & Adam – Seacoast

Becky & Adam moved to New Hampshire from California four years ago to be a part of the Free State Project. Adam works remotely as a software engineer, so moving to New Hampshire wouldn’t require finding a new job. They rented for a bit in Manchester and then in Greenland, and decided that the Seacoast would be the best fit…

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