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Mark Warden is absolutely fabulous. In this crazy sellers market, I only put in one offer and it was accepted in 2 days with his guidance and expertise. His negotiating skills were an asset. I had heard horror stories from friends about the many offers on the many houses they had submitted before they finally were accepted. Or the crazy seller’s request that they had to accept just to be in the running for the property. I was astonished that I wasn’t in a crazy bidding war and didn’t have to waive any inspections or take the property “as is” just to get into contract. There was some back and forth, but for the most part everything moved quickly and easily.
Not being from New England there were so many things about the properties that I was unfamiliar with, including heating systems, septic tanks and dealing with snow. Working with Mark I learned about the many things one must take into consideration when moving to a 4 season climate. It did take me a bit to find the right house, but Mark continued to work with me until I found one that I was really happy with.
I would highly recommend Mark and his team if you are looking to buy a house in New Hampshire!

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