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Thinking of buying land? Read this first [Updated for 2023]

Thinking of buying land in New Hampshire? Read this first

We’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve heard from someone wanting to buy land in New Hampshire for recreational purposes, homesteading, farming, or building a home. While we enthusiastically endorse the idea of property ownership, there are some important considerations worth sharing for folks thinking about buying land What are your goals? Before you start seriously looking at…

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The Current Use Program in New Hampshire

For many Free Staters, one of the most important features when looking for a home in New Hampshire is acreage. But the downside of all that peace and space to roam can be a burdensome property tax bill. But New Hampshire has a way to save on taxes if you own more than 10 acres: “current use.” What is “current…

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Pellet Stoves vs Wood Stoves

In New Hampshire, many homeowners desire to add a pellet stove or wood stove into their home to provide another source of heat. Below you’ll find the pros & cons of each. Pellet stoves are often cheaper than woodstoves, but this could become break even when considering fuel; pellet stoves run on pellets, while wood stoves run on chopped wood.…

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Vegetable Gardening in New Hampshire

If you want to live off-the-grid, or just would like some fresh vegetables, it’s important to know what types of crops grow well in New Hampshire, the best plants for starting to garden, and when the growing season is for the crops you do plant. Most of New Hampshire’s soil is rocky and acidic, so before you start planting veggies…

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