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Pellet Stoves vs Wood Stoves

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In New Hampshire, many homeowners desire to add a pellet stove or wood stove into their home to provide another source of heat. Below you'll find the pros & cons of each.

Pellet stoves are often cheaper than woodstoves, but this could become break even when considering fuel; pellet stoves run on pellets, while wood stoves run on chopped wood. It is sometimes easier to acquire chopped wood, especially if you cut it yourself from felled trees. Pellets can be a bit harder to find and are not as self-sufficient.

A downside to pellet stoves is that they are reliant on electricity, while wood stoves are not. If you lose power and don’t have a generator, then your pellet stove would stop functioning. Wood stoves, on the other hand, are a bit more dangerous since you actually have to tend to the wood & add more in. With a pellet stove, the pellets feed in automatically and require no tending.

Which is best for you? It depends on your specific needs. Visiting a local store and speaking with the sales staff can help you determine the best fit for your home.

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