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How can opportunity zones help me avoid taxes?

An opportunity zone is a designation from the federal government given to certain economically distressed areas throughout the United States, with the goal of encouraging investment and development in those areas. The program provides tax incentives to encourage those with capital gains to invest in low-income and undercapitalized communities. History of Opportunity Zones The designation was created as part of…

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Turnkey Investing – Invest in the Free State from Out of State

Turnkey investing with rental properties in NH

Just because you can’t move to New Hampshire, doesn’t mean you can’t support the Free State Project from afar. We have many clients who invest in New Hampshire real estate, even though they don’t live in or plan to move to New Hampshire.  While it can be overwhelming to figure out how to invest in real estate when you don’t…

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Want to avoid the intrusive paperwork when buying an investment property?

How to avoid intrusive paperwork with buying investment properties

If you’ve ever bought a house, chances are you used traditional mortgage financing, like FHA, VA, USDA, or conventional loans. These types of loans are great for the typical buyer. But if you’re self-employed, have low cash reserves, or just don’t want to deal with a lot of intrusive paperwork, these traditional financing options may not always be the best…

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October Real Estate Market Update

Single Family Homes and Condos After three years of a seller’s market buying frenzy, it feels like the overheated market is finally slowing down. Is that the case? Yes and no. We are still seeing a relative lack of sufficient inventory to feed the demand for housing units (both sales and rentals). The recent significant spikes in mortgage interest rates…

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Is New Hampshire an Investor-Friendly State for Landlords?

Overall, the answer is yes! Compared to many states, especially Massachusetts, New York, Illinois, California, and Rhode Island, your property rights as an owner of rental property are fairly well protected in the Granite State. [With temporary exceptions per COVID-19 Emergency Orders.] Here you’ll enjoy better cap rates and ROI and a more business-friendly environment than most places. In 2021, occupancy rates are close…

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Buying Investment Property vs a Primary Residence

Buying an investment property can be a good financial move. There are some differences between buying a primary residence and investment property, though. Obtaining a Mortgage In nearly all cases, mortgage rates for investment properties are higher than when you buy a primary residence. The reason for this is that lenders tend to view an investment property as a riskier…

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Expenses You Need to Consider When Purchasing a Property

Many buyers, especially first-time home buyers and new-to-New Hampshire buyers, are unsure of what costs go into owning a home. Following are some examples of expenses you may incur when you own a home or investment property in New Hampshire. Single-family home expenses:  Property taxes – Tax rates vary widely from town to town. Keep an eye on that when looking…

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Investing 101: What to Consider When Buying an Investment Property

Investing in real estate is not just for wealthy individuals. In fact, starting a real estate investment portfolio is often the best way to build your own source of passive income and long-term wealth. And the best part? You don’t have to be independently wealthy to do it. Not sure where to start? We’ve compiled a list of our most…

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Now is a Great Time to Invest in a Rental Property

Now is a Great Time to Invest in a Rental Property With low home prices and low-interest rates, now is a great time to consider investing in real estate. An investment purchase is different than your typical single-family home purchase. Here are some tips if you’re considering making the move to real estate investor: Have a strategy. What kind of investor do…

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Client Profile: Dale, Investor – Manchester

Client Profile – Dale, Investor – Manchester Porcupine Real Estate client Dale is an owner-occupant investor who owns and lives in a multi-family property in Manchester. Manchester appealed to Dale because he liked the convenience and options that a bigger city like Manchester or Concord offers. His 3-family home has allowed him to support himself for several years. As Dale explains, “Though I…

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