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Home Styles in New Hampshire


Many buyers new to New Hampshire are unfamiliar with the style of homes available. Below are some of the more common styles you'll see here:

Cape Cod - The traditional Cape Cod is characterized by its steeped, pitched roof and chimney. It’s typically a story and a half high, but some houses have converted the attic area into extra bedrooms. The history behind this house is that New England settlers wanted a wide chimney and low ceilings to keep in the warmth during winter, and they sloped the roof so as to minimize the snow buildup.

Georgian - The Georgian house is based on symmetry: the windows are aligned horizontally and vertically. It’s typically two rooms deep, and usually has high ceilings. The style is based on architecture when King George was ruler; by the 1600s, it was a popular house for upper-class colonists to own.

Queen Anne - Queen Annes are everything that they sound: elegant and traditional. Typical features include bay windows, turrets and towers, irregular floor plans, and a wall textured with shingles. This home was originally British but was brought to America with Elizabethan- and gothic-inspired additions.

Colonial - Colonial homes are very graceful with their elegant facade. These homes are usually pretty symmetrical with aligned windows and a door in the center of the house. They have hipped, gabled, or gambrel roofs, and some have masonry. Original colonials were typically built from wood, but a revitalization occurred in the late 19th century, and brick was mainly used after that.

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