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Tax Breaks for Homeowners

Porcupine Real Estate believes that homeowners shouldn’t pay more taxes than they have to. Our agents are experts in finding homes in low-tax towns and fighting legislation that seeks to increase the tax burden on residents. So it’s no surprise that we are always looking for ways for our clients to keep money from Uncle Sam when they own a…

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Porcupine Real Estate’s Get to Know New Hampshire Weekend – October 7-10, 2022

Want to experience New Hampshire like a local? Join other prospective movers, their families, and FSP movers October 7-10th. We’ll have activities for everyone, from adults to families. Registration & Volunteers Please fill out the form to indicate your interest in participating or if you’re in New Hampshire and want to help out or host an event. Cost There is…

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The Current Use Program in New Hampshire

For many Free Staters, one of the most important features when looking for a home in New Hampshire is acreage. But the downside of all that peace and space to roam can be a burdensome property tax bill. But New Hampshire has a way to save on taxes if you own more than 10 acres: “current use.” What is “current…

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Should You File a Property Tax Abatement Application?

While nobody likes paying property taxes, there’s no way around it for homeowners. In New Hampshire, there is a process by which you can challenge your property tax assessment, known as the “abatement” process. The tax abatement application must be submitted to your town/city by March 1st. If you think your house is disproportionately assessed at a value much higher than the assessments of…

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