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Pellet Stoves vs Wood Stoves

In New Hampshire, many homeowners desire to add a pellet stove or wood stove into their home to provide another source of heat. Below you’ll find the pros & cons of each. Pellet stoves are often cheaper than woodstoves, but this could become break even when considering fuel; pellet stoves run on pellets, while wood stoves run on chopped wood.…

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Winter Tires in New Hampshire

Especially during winter, having the right tires is very important in New Hampshire. If you live or travel on a road not frequently plowed or a dirt road, tires that won’t slip is a must. There are plenty of options for winter tires, from studded to chained to winter to all season: – Studded tires have actual metal studs embedded in…

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Creating a Winter Emergency Kit

Winter in New Hampshire can be brutal and it’s best to be prepared should you get stranded in your car during the winter months. Your kit should contain blankets and warm clothes in case you need to wait for help or a tow truck to arrive. There should also be non-perishable food (granola bars, for example) and bottled water, which…

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