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Client Profile – Harry & Andrea – Deerfield


Hailing from New York, Harry and Andrea decided to make the move to the Free State so they could be with other like-minded individuals who value personal freedom and personal responsibility. Harry and Andrea really liked the grassroots movement within NH to restore liberty, and also liked that the NH government allows for meaningful citizen involvement. In addition to political reasons, their daughter & her family live in Massachusetts (but don't hold that against them - they're plotting to get her here to NH!).

Why did you move to Deerfield? 

As Mark & Amy can attest, we had a long list of “wants” for our new home & location. We are grateful that they had the patience to stick with us through the arduous process of searching for a home that met most of our wishes. Our most important “wants” were:

- Peaceful natural setting
- Privacy but not seclusion
- Quality home with various amenities
- Proximity to our daughter and her family in MA
- Ability to participate in the liberty movement
- Easy access to services
- Easy access to outdoor activities (hiking, biking, canoeing, golf, and skiing/snowshoeing)

It just so happened that the right home/property became available in Deerfield.

What are your favorite things about Deerfield? 

Deerfield is a small community that has so far proven to be very friendly and caring. Our new neighbors have been very welcoming and helpful. The area is quite rural yet close to services in Concord and Manchester.

What's your favorite thing about your new house? 

The thing we most value about our new home is the property. We are delighted that we were able to find a lakefront property that offers a peaceful and private setting with direct access to the water.

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