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Homeschooling in New Hampshire


Several of our clients are homeschooling families, and we often get asked about the homeschooling community in New Hampshire. The good news is that it's fairly easy to homeschool here, and the many homeschool groups and pro-freedom State Representatives ensure that it stays that way.

Our homeschooling expert and Team Porcupine Real Estate marketing manager, Amy Lowe, lived in Weare and compiled some resources for active & potential homeschoolers thinking about relocating to New Hampshire:


- Homeschooling classes - the NH Homeschooling Coalition maintains a fairly comprehensive list of classes for homeschoolers

Relaxed Homeschoolers of NH - secular statewide group, with most events happening in/around Manchester and Concord. You must request permission to join their BigTent group.

Manchester/Concord Areas:

WeAre Home Educators - Christian homeschooling group & co-op in Weare.

Capital Center for the Arts - offers homeschool discounts to their school programs

Greater Manchester Area Homeschoolers - Yahoo group, not too active, but occasional outings/classes.

In addition to these resources, you can join a variety of email lists here. I've found the CHG to be the most active of the email groups.

A great way to connect with other homeschoolers is through the local county cooperative extension / 4-H office. There were several homeschool-only 4-H groups when we lived there, and there are programs for younger kids, as well.

We found many school districts are homeschool-friendly and welcome homeschoolers in extracurricular activities and sports teams.

If you have specific questions on homeschooling in NH or homeschool-friendly towns, feel free to contact us.

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