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What Buyers Say They Want in a Home


What exactly are buyers looking for in a home? Location? Size? Upgrades? According to a survey done by The National Association of Homebuilders, today's buyers want all of the above.

According to the survey, the ideal size of a home for buyers is approximately 2,000 square feet. Unfortunately, only one-third of the current homes on the market have 2,000 or more square feet of livable space. In addition, most homes are nearly 40 years old and don't have many of the amenities buyers want.

So what is a seller to do if your home doesn't meet standards set by buyers? Well, if your home is smaller than what most buyers want, emphasize the good points of your home. Following are some additional features buyers desire that might overcome the smaller square footage:

Location: Buyers may consider a smaller home if it's located in the best school district or in a location with easy access to major highways.

Possibilities: A smaller home may have potential for expansion.

Great space: The home may not have the square footage buyers want, so show off the space it does have. Remove any furniture that doesn't complement the home, making the home seem spacious and uncluttered.

If your home is smaller than what many buyers want, emphasize the amenities that it does have. For more home selling ideas, contact us.

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