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In our quest to call New Hampshire our new home we called upon Porcupine Real Estate to help us make this happen. We were connected with our real estate agent Aubrey who exceeded our every expectation. Aubrey consistently provided us with amazing advice, handwork, and overwhelming time, generosity, considerations and patience. The home we eventually purchased was a challenging one that required substantial and regular on-the-ground presence something that would’ve bene impossible for anyone else over 6 hours away. Aubrey handled everything with grace and good will and his dedication to his work was evident in his every action, conversation, and regard for every member of our family. Aubrey and the team and Porcupine real estate come with a professionalism, knowledge and efficacy the at is beyond reproach. The detailed and comprehensive experience of working with them will ensure that you come to New Hampshire not with just a house but a home. Thank you Aubrey, and thank you Porcupine Real Estate!

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