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If you’re looking to buy a home in New Hampshire, whether relocating from in- or out-of-state, look no further; Porcupine Real Estate, and our agent Dom, were absolutely fantastic! As first-time homebuyers, Dom made the entire process as painless as possible, especially in such a crazy market for buyers.

Dom took care of absolutely everything, from scheduling our walkthroughs (usually within minutes of us forwarding a property of interest) and helping us with what to look for in each home, to drafting up all the necessary paperwork when putting in offers. And let me tell you, in a market like this, having that paperwork ready to go so you can submit an offer ASAP is a HUGE asset. All we had to do was find the houses we wanted to see, show up, and relay offers to Dom; everything else was taken care of.

It’s also naturally important that you get along with your agent, and it was clear from the start that Dom was a great fit for us. We didn’t feel pressured with anything and felt as though he truly wanted us to feel comfortable with everything throughout the process. Overall, I can’t say enough good things about our experience with Dom and Porcupine RE, and definitely recommend them to anyone looking in NH.

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