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Best Home Improvement Projects to Complete Before Selling

seller home improvement projects

Are you planning to sell your home soon? Then this is the time to take care of those home improvements that will make your home more attractive to buyers. As a homeowner who's been through the buying process, you know how important it is to make a good impression. What you may not know is which improvements deliver the best bang for the buck. The following home improvements can help you boost the value of your home and make your home more appealing to buyers.

Repair Any Deferred Maintenance

Buyers shy away from homes with deferred maintenance. Whether you've let the little things slide, like broken doorknobs and cracked windows, or your home needs a major repair like an all-new roof, take care of your deferred maintenance. Tell your agent about major repairs after they're finished, so your agent can mention those repairs in the listing.

Perform a High ROI Remodel or Installation

Some of the highest ROI remodels include:

  • Deck installation: 70%
  • Small kitchen remodel: 80%
  • Bathroom addition: 80%

The type of high ROI home improvement that's right for your home depends in part on the condition of your property. Your agent can help you decide which improvement is best for your purposes and will net you the biggest return.

Spruce Up the Landscaping

Curb appeal is crucial, because some buyers form their opinions the minute they pull up to the property. Buyers like a well-maintained, attractive yard with basic features like green grass, blooming flowers, and healthy shrubs. Get rid of any dead or dying bushes or flowers, water your grass sufficiently so it's green when buyers see your home and keep it well-trimmed.

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

Paint is a low-cost, easy home improvement that can make your home look clean, fresh, and newly decorated. Identify rooms in your home that are missing a sense of flair or beauty and paint the walls. You'd be amazed at how easily the space can be transformed. Choose colors that are neutral, like beige or gray. These colors are very popular and appeal to many home buyers. Avoid painting any space in your home in a bright color that will distract home buyers.

Our agents are happy to help you determine which improvements will help you get your home sold. Email or call us today.

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